The Value In Fighting: My Experience With Rowan MMA

Today we hear from Rowan Blog guest contributor Demetri Moutis, a junior Sports Communication and Media major, who recounts the powerful effects of joining Rowan’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Club. Demetri, of Roselle Park, NJ (Union County), is a transfer student from Ocean County College.

After discovering Rowan MMA, I found myself doing things that I just never thought I would do. 

Demetri and fellow team members.
Allen Zhao, author Demetri Moutis, Spencer Jordan and Joel Vargas at a recent competition.

Like most people who have never been in a fight, I had some sort of deluded idea that I would be able to handle myself if the situation ever arose.

After my first day at practice I realized how wrong I was.

No matter what we practiced, kickboxing or grappling, every experience was fulfilling and I could tell I was leaving better than I came in.

Every single practice I was pushing myself like I haven’t been pushed in years, and I came to love it. It quickly became a part of my routine and I found myself training whenever I had the time.

The club quickly grew over the last semester with 20 to 30 people showing up to practice every single week. All of these people coming from different walks of life and experience levels, with most new members having no experience at all.

MMA Club at a recent competition.
The MMA Club team at a recent competition. Left to right: Spencer Jordan, Joey Franklin, Gavin Wheeler, Rick Belli, John Hayes, Jake Breyer, Jordan Tucker, Nikodem Rzotkiewicz, Brendan Macauley, Chris Roberts, Joel Vargas, Allen Zhao, Andrew Jasinski, Anna Boddy.

Everyone in the club has a different reason for coming, and that is because Rowan MMA offers so much. Some people show up to push themselves to the absolute limit and become as good as they can, and some people show up to hang out, learn some cool things, and have a good time with their friends.

With one of the best ways to stay in shape and meet new people, Rowan MMA has grown into a thriving community with the sole purpose of helping you better yourself.

See our video with the Rowan MMA club here.

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Story by:
Demetri Moutis, junior sports communication and media major

Photos courtesy of:
Demetri Moutis