Making the Most of Student Leadership: Admissions Ambassador, President of National Honor Fraternity, and Student Government Association Member Reflects

Mark wears his graduation gown for a close up portrait.

Today we feature Mark Bosma, a newly graduated English major from Vernon, NJ (Sussex County) who will continue his studies as a graduate student this fall. This story is the second of a three-part series where Mark will be featured based on his activities and campus involvement. Part 3 focuses on Mark’s campus leadership.

What does your day-to-day life look like as a Rowan University Admissions Ambassador?

I work in the admissions office usually 3 to 4 days a week. I am a campus tour guide, so I give tours at least once every week. I also have my office shifts in the admissions office. Here we will put together the acceptance mailings, put packages together, write postcards, and do any other office work the professional staff has for us to assist with. We also work the open houses, Accepted Students Day, and many campus events. Whenever a department needs help, we are some of the first people they call. I also work with the social media team and make a lot of content for social media. I also am an influencer on the app ZeeMee, which is used for students to connect, ask questions, and build a community before stepping on campus. The admissions office is always busy, and we constantly work to get students eager to come to Rowan. We honestly never rest!

How did you find out about the Admissions Ambassador Program?

One of my friends brought up an info session during my first year, and it sounded fun. I did not even know it was a paid position. I did similar things in high school, so I wanted to continue. Then, I went and had my interview, got the job, and have loved every second since I started.

Mark Bosma outside of Bunce Hall, ready for graduation.

What is your favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program is the connections that I have made with people. I have made some of my best friends, but also so many connections with the professional staff at Rowan. I know so many people on this campus, and a lot of it is thanks to the admissions program because I have found people just like me. I have also found a love for higher education, and now I am pursuing my master’s in Higher Education Administration — all thanks to the ambassador program for showing me what higher ed has to offer and all the job opportunities I have received since becoming an admissions ambassador in my first year.

What other extracurricular activities do you participate in?

I am the student event coordinator for the advancement office on campus, so I work with the events and special projects manager to plan and work events on campus. A lot of them are for donors to the university. I have been able to help with so many different events and help other staff with this fantastic position.

I am the president of the national honor fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi. Within this honor society, we focus on our tripod of ideals: Leadership, Fellowship, and Scholarship. We host events multiple times per week and help our community by forming leaders in society.

With the Student Government Association I am a class senator and a voice for the graduating class of 2023. I am also on the newsletter committee, which is published every other week, and talks about all things SGA and what is going on on campus.

I also am a member of the education honors society, Kappa Delta Pi. We host events for children, talk to teachers, and get experience collaborating with teachers and people in the field.

How do these programs prepare you for your future endeavors?

I have learned that I am a people person for sure. I love being and working with people 24/7. I have learned how to talk with people and communicate effectively. I have learned to manage my time because I am so busy all of the time. I also learned the different types of leadership required to run events and what goes on behind the scenes. I am a very hard worker and have gotten many opportunities because of my hard work and determination in everything. I give everything my 100%, and it has been paying off. Finally, I have learned that making connections is crucial because everybody knows everybody, and it pays off to be friendly and go the extra mile.

Mark Bosma, class of 2023, showing off his graduation chords.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend a lot of my free time with friends I have made in the ambassador program and friends I have made in my other activities. I am really into musical theatre and Broadway shows, the Real Housewives of NJ, and all the other franchises, and I am a huge people person. I am highly social and rely heavily on my friends, whom I love dearly. I need to be with my friends or do something socially because I am an extrovert. I need people and social interaction to recharge and feel complete inside.

If you could get breakfast at any spot on campus where would it be? 

My go-to spot is Dawn to Dusk on Rowan Boulevard. I always go there with my friends. Two of my best friends and I will go and watch the sunrise from the top of the Robo parking garage and then go to Dawn to Dusk for breakfast. I look forward to those mornings. 

If you could get lunch at any spot on campus where would it be?

I will go to Alumni Grill for a wrap on the boulevard. They are so delicious and have so many great options. I also love Freshens in the Chamberlain Student Center. They have a lot of different options, but I prefer rice bowls or flatbread.

If you could get dinner at any spot on campus where would it be?

I would get dinner from Lascalas Fire or Mexican Mariachi. They are on the boulevard and super close to campus. They are delicious and take Rowan bucks, which is an amazing perk.

What do you want people to know about Rowan University? 

The connections and community on this campus are like no other. I felt a sense of community and belonging as soon as I stepped on campus for my tour, and I have felt this way ever since. We are constantly growing and expanding, making us one of the best schools in the state and the country. Rowan has given me the connections to progress in my career and has given me so many unique opportunities.

Mark Bosma outside of Bunce Hall.

If you could describe your social and extracurricular experience in one word, what would it be?

Life-changing would be the word that I use to describe my experience. I have made some of the best friends I could have ever imagined at Rowan. I also have had such a fantastic support system of excellent professional staff that has praised me and helped me to where I am today. The support and guidance I have received have been incredible, and I am very thankful to everybody who helped me. I truly am living my best life and never want to leave college. I have built such a great life for myself with the help of so many people. I am living my best life and have never been happier.

Why is being involved around campus important to you and your college experience?

It was important to me to make a difference in people’s lives. I have always been the person to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile. Once I started to get involved on campus, it just led me to get involved in more things. I made many connections, so I always tried to get my name out there and become involved. It was important to me to make myself well-known and reliable. I always tell people on tours that Rowan gives you so many tools to make your future unforgettable, and I did just that. I used the resources Rowan gave me to excel academically, have a great social life, and get work experience while here for four years. I wanted to prove I could work hard and make a name for myself. I went above and beyond in my four years here.

All my hard work has paid off because I just accepted a position as the Student Government Association Graduate Coordinator, and I am pursuing my master’s in Higher Education Administration. I want to advocate for students and help them find themselves in this change and life transition period. I want to help students achieve everything that I did and more. It was important to me to go to class and have a well-rounded college experience where I made memories and impacted people’s lives. After four years at Rowan, this place has changed my life for the better, and I hope that I can help students get the same experience that I did.

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Story by: Natalie DePersia, senior public relations major