Keeping a Healthy Mind & Body at Rowan University

Rowan students running on the treadmills of the Fitness Center.

Nicholas Powers, a junior sports communication & media major, from Hopewell, NJ (Mercer County) shares this first-person perspective on the importance of keeping your mind and body active and healthy. He  proceeds to explain how Rowan resources help him feel comfortable and build bonds on campus.

My Personal Experience:

In the beginning of my first year, I found myself lost. With a new school, new people and a completely new environment, I looked for a place to feel comfortable. By seeking out some of Rowan’s health and fitness options, I landed on the Rec and Fitness Center. In these places, I felt welcomed, uplifted, and inspired to become the best version of myself. As I went through various exercises, (those that I simply researched via YouTube and other platforms), I found myself making friends. These gym friends pushed me to work harder, helped me with technique but also proved to be a great resource around campus. The bonds you create within these two facilities reach far and wide across your time at Rowan. The memories made are something that cannot be replicated elsewhere. And lastly, the skills you build by striving to keep both your mind and body healthy will stick with you for the rest of your life. 

A group of students hugging each other at the REC Center.

The Fitness Center

My classmates and I often find ourselves overwhelmed by school work and life at times. In this, it is important to make sure you have the proper tools equipped to battle the hardships that are thrown at you. 

The Rowan University Fitness Center located on Victoria Street off of Rowan Boulevard has just what you need. Whether it be through a simple cardio workout or even weight training, keeping your mind and body active and healthy is important! In this welcoming environment, you are free to do you! A vital part of keeping both you and your body healthy starts from the inside out. Without too much struggle, you can translate your body and mind for the better and help boost your morale day in and day out. 

A student working out at the Rowan Fitness Center.

The Rec Center

The OG fitness location on campus, the Rec Center is located in the center of campus, near the intramural fields and dorms. Based in the hub of campus, this building features many different aspects of exercise. In this facility, you can work on both your mental and physical health by pushing your body to the limit. 

For the physical side of things they have …

  • Indoor Track
  • Basketball Courts
  • Racketball 
  • Full Free Weight/Cardio Section
  • Dance Studio
  • Pool
  • Intramural Sports
  • Club Sports

To help you feel free mentally they have …

  • Ping Pong/Table Tennis Tables
  • Study and Relaxation Desks
A horizontal image of the Student Recreation Center featuring the  "Return to Grover’s Mill" sculpture made with Aluminum, Acrylic and  Neon.

The resources that Rowan University provides to help students thrive are unmatched. Between both the Recreation Center and The Fitness Center, the resources are all here on campus. By helping your body become physically fit you can help your mind and mental health improve greatly. Most students know that school can get tough at times and taking some time to sit back and comprehend what has been put before you is important. By using Rowan University’s campus recreation centers, you can become heavily equipped to manage your time, stress levels, and overall well being.

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Written by: Nicholas Powers, a junior sports communication & media major

Story edited by: Valentina Giannattasio, junior dance and marketing double major