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Smaller State School, Big Opportunities Socially & Academically

Brianna Glenning, junior public relations, major from Marlton, NJ (Burlington County) shares this first-person perspective on how being involved in different organizations help her enjoy her time at Rowan.

After being extremely involved in high school, I was nervous for my college experience. I was nervous about being able to get involved to the highest extent. In high school, I participated in many different activities. I was my high school’s DECA president, a member of Future Business Leaders of America and I was my high school’s field hockey captain during my senior year. Being from South New Jersey, everyone had their doubts when I decided to come to Rowan. Most people that I was friends with went to Big 10 schools, such as Alabama, Auburn, Penn State, ect. Choosing the local university, I thought I was not going to get the same opportunities as my friends, whether that was going to football games, joining clubs, having an amazing dining hall in my building. Everyone just seemed to call it “high school 2.0”. Comments like these made me upset, however, knowing that I am a homebody, I wanted to live on a campus that was still close to home, and Rowan offered great academic opportunities. These things made me realize Rowan was the best choice for me.

Coming to Rowan, I was originally a marketing major. After about a year and a half of working with that major, I decided that was not for me. I struggled a lot with picking what major was best for me. Rowan’s success coaches, professors and academic advisors helped me immensely with this decision. I decided going into public relations and advertising was the best choice. Realizing that I can still be a part of clubs such as Women in Business, without being a part of the business school, also helped with this decision. I wanted to pick a major that had more creative freedom, and the surrounding environment of Rowan helped me be successful in finding that path.

Home Run Derby baseball game event to raise money for the national philanthropy, Jewish Women's International.
This was our sorority’s Home Run Derby baseball game event to raise money for our national philanthropy, Jewish Women’s International.

After switching my major, I sought out clubs to get involved in so I could be active in the school community similar to the way I was in high school. One of the best decisions I could have made after coming to Rowan was getting involved in the Greek life community. In the fall of 2022 I decided to rush Sigma Delta Tau, which has not only helped me get involved with an amazing group of girls who are now my best friends, but it also is helping me constantly build my resume, get involved in volunteering throughout the surrounding community, and has helped me be more successful in my academics. Joining this sorority has collectively lifted my college experience.

Many people believe joining Greek life is a “toxic” environment due to the stereotypes set around them. After joining Sigma Delta Tau at Rowan, I soon realized that these were nothing but fake stereotypes. Soon after becoming a sister, I decided to be my chapter’s community service chair where I assist in planning events to raise money for our local philanthropy, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Along with that position, I am one of the assistants to our vice president of recruitment which is a position to help make sure formal recruitment goes smoothly and that we enjoy talking and getting to know the girls who are rushing to be the newest members of our sorority. These are only a few positions I have run for due to being a relatively new member, however I will be continuing to run for positions as it has helped me feel like I am getting involved at my school to the fullest extent.

Sig Delt Sweetheart pageant competition aiming to raise money
for the national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse.
This was our Sig Delt Sweetheart pageant competition to raise money
for our national philanthropy, Prevent Child Abuse.

Overall, getting involved in organizations like the ones I have listed above has helped me enjoy my time here at Rowan even more than I thought I would. I feel as if I am having just as much, if not more, fun than my friends who go to Big 10 schools because I am involved in such a great, loving community. I would not change deciding to come to Rowan for the world and it has overall helped me grow as a person.

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Written by: Brianna Glenning, public relations major

Story edited by: Valentina Giannattasio, junior dance and marketing double major