Homebodies Unite!

Jocelyn wearing a red dress standing under a red gazebo.

Embracing the Art of Homebound Bliss at Rowan University

This article is part of a running series with Rowan University’s Wellness Center. This collaboration aims to educate students about personal well-being options. For further updates, follow @rowanuwellness on social. This story is by Jocelyn Reuben, a senior athletic training major.

Rhythmic Japanese plays in the background, the lights are dim, my scarf is on, the pizza is hot, and I have green tea fresh from the mini fridge. My company includes my Childish Gambino comforter and two plushies from Five Below. Uninterrupted anime with good food equals the best Friday ever. Saturday’s itinerary includes catching up on all the latest music that dropped, cleaning my room, and a quick visit to the gym.

It’s Sunday, my phone strikes 10:00 am and I watch a sermon on whatever I’m struggling with spiritually, have brunch at Glassworks, and call my loved ones. Whatever is left of the day, I make time to reorganize myself for the upcoming week. This is my ideal weekend. Did you ever notice how most TV shows and movies depict college?

Jocelyn leaning on a railing.

There’s always a main plot including all the characters making it their mission to go out every night on the weekends. In my own experience both at my previous institution and Rowan that doesn’t seem to be as accurate as most people think. For a while I tried psyching myself into thinking it was abnormal to not want to go out every weekend. After vicariously living through the Instagram stories and overhearing many inside scoops of nights out, I realized that it was perfectly fine to have no interest in that kind of stuff whatsoever, and that fun can be and is much simpler!

Do you remember the thrill of watching a new episode of a show with friends over pizza, or playing Scrabble realizing you are secretly a logophile? When it comes to having fun, I’m the queen of staying in! Some of the ways I like to have fun are by having a self-care day or exploring the campus. On my self-care day, I sleep in as much as my body will comfortably allow me, play all my favorite music, wash and style my hair, as well as take myself out on a date at a spot that accepts Rowan Bucks.

If exploring the campus, I might walk over to the more historic side of the university by checking out the beauty of Bunce Hall and Hollybush mansion, and even do an impromptu photoshoot. Whether you like to completely stay in or go “outside”, the possibilities to have fun at Rowan are endless!

Story by:
Jocelyn Reuben, athletic training major

Photos by:
Stephanie Batista, music industry major

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