A Glimpse Inside One Student’s Path: Biomedical Art and Visualization at Rowan University

A close up of a biomedical arts and visualization student at Rowan University working on a project on a screen.

Meet Lauren Bradway, a senior Biomedical Art and Visualization major, and a member of the John H Martinson Honors College from Pittsgrove, New Jersey.

Lauren plans to finish her biomedical art degree along with obtaining her teaching certificate. After this, she hopes to go on to teach art while working towards her master’s degree. Once her master’s degree is completed, she wants to work towards her Ph.D. and teach art at the collegiate level, while also working within the biomedical illustration field.

Lauren works with Rowan’s Student Success Program, which has sparked a profound interest in the education field. She also loves working with elementary students. The professor who has had the biggest impact on her Rowan experience is Dr. Jane Graziano. She has been an inspiration to many of her students in the art department. Graziano creates a warm, welcoming environment and Lauren hopes to to do the same for her future students. “I admire her creative and lighthearted approach in and out of the classroom.”

The biomedical art and visualization program offers a unique integration of art, medicine, and technology. Lauren feels that she will leave Rowan with a strong foundation for art education, as well as scientific and medical illustration.


Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education