Art Education Give Students Perfect Blend of Art and Education Courses [VIDEO]

A close up of an art education major sketching outside.

Meet senior Gabrielle Kennedy as she shares her love and passion for art education.

Ever since Gabrielle was little, art has always been a passion. Art education became an option for Gabrielle when she entered high school and began thinking about her future. In the art education program at Rowan, students are taking both art and education classes at the same time, creating a blended experience for students. 

There is art everywhere, and creativity is involved in creating the world we live in. Art is more than painting and drawing, it can be applied in various aspects of life. Through this program, Gabrielle’s confidence as a person and artist has grown immensely, and she hopes to inspire people as a person and through her art. 

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education