24 Things Central Jersey Students Love About Rowan University

Samuel posing outside on Rowan Boulevard with his laptop and water bottle

This story is a part of Rowan’s centennial series to celebrate 100 years of Rowan University. Rowan Blog contributor Jordyn Dauter, a junior from Quakertown, PA, double majoring in elementary education and dance, collected these insights from fellow students. 

“I love the experience Rowan has given to me regarding the classes I have taken and the people I have met. Taking a class here won’t be a boring 1-2 hour class where it’s mainly just a lecture then you go home (a few of them are) but for the most part, I have been in classes where I brainstorm with my classmates to figure out how we will present a PowerPoint to a real manager of a certain organization, or plan little trips to help us understand next weeks assignment. Every day is an adventure here. Different restaurants like Landmark and LaScala are so fun to discover and try. All the food near Rowan is so good to the point, that I make my friends back home drive down with me to eat out. While the commute to school is a little long, over an hour, I have somehow come to love it. I have time to listen to a full playlist or my favorite podcast, talk to friends/family and just sit in peace.” – Brittany Erskine, a master’s student in the Public Relations program from Somerset, New Jersey

One thing I love about Rowan University is how supportive and responsive the professors are; several of them encompass my dissertation committee… their support enabled my success at Rowan University! I appreciate how resourceful the dissertation team is; MaryBeth Walpole, James Coaxum, and Hajime Mitani. I am especially grateful for my dissertation chair MaryBeth Walpole. She’s not only a professor but also an exemplary mentor! For me, being a first-generation doctoral degree graduate in my family would’ve not been made possible if it were not for the supportive staff (professors and dissertation committee members). Their continued encouragement. From the academic advisor, Mike Greenup to the professors in my cohort, to my dissertation team, and MaryBeth Walpole, (the best dissertation chair ever) I am grateful for Rowan! Go RU, I couldn’t have done it without YOU! My team puts the “U” in RU (Rowan University)!” – Manuela Jimenez, a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership program from Middlesex County, New Jersey

“Rowan has provided me with so much support through accessibility services and provided me so many opportunities to learn and grow. Although being a Rowan student has its ups and downs there is never a doubt in my mind that all the faculty here care about my success as a student.” – Maya Solomon, senior Health & Science Communication major from Livingston, New Jersey 

“Rowan has allowed me to be a student leader on campus.” – Za’keria Sykes, senior psychology major from Trenton, New Jersey.

Brittany Erskine posing outside of the Hollybush Mansion. She is seen wearing blue jeans and a white long-sleeve top.

“I love the new statues they’ve added around campus. It adds an artistic touch to the campus.” – Michelle, junior biology major from Hightstown, New Jersey

Rowan brought me some of my best friends, and let me create some of my favorite memories with them. Being so close to Philly is one of my favorite things as it made it super easy to have a night out in the city and attend concerts, which is one of my favorite things to do.” – Elena Barroqueiro, senior Finance major from Toms River, New Jersey

“Rowan has given me the experience living on your own; it lets you get a feel of whether you like it or not.” – Gabe Ryba, senior English major from Yardville, New Jersey

I love the area, how green and beautiful it is. Going on walks throughout the campus is always so refreshing. I also really enjoy all the shops at the ROBO circle! The Mexican Mariachi restaurant there is awesome.” – Ruby Whitesell, senior Music Performance major from Monmouth County, New Jersey

Manuela Jimenez posing inside of a classroom

“The friends I have met at Rowan University have been like a family to me. We all are from different feels spanning from music to stem, but whether it be the late nights at the rec or just grabbing a bite out to eat down Rowan Boulevard, we can come together and have fun even with our hectic schedules.” – Tanya Pulavarthi, a sophomore Psychology/Pre-med major from Manalapan, New Jersey (Monmouth County)

At Rowan, I have made many connections with my friends and professors that I am grateful for.” – Diana Turrisi, senior Nutrition & Dietetics major from Jackson, New Jersey

“My junior year off-campus house roommates have made Rowan so much fun. I also love how close Rowan is to Philadelphia.” – Courtney Wright, a master’s student in the Criminal Justice Combined Advanced Degree Program from Point Pleasant, New Jersey

My favorite thing about Rowan is how everyone shares a love for pork roll (not Taylor ham).” – Michael Marano, senior Liberal Studies major from Hamilton, New Jersey

Ruby Whitesell sitting on the Rowan lawn-chair outside on Bunce Hall

My favorite thing about Rowan is the endless possibilities of networking throughout all the different parts of campus, whether it be clubs or other organizations. It allows for all students to get involved and feel connected to each other on campus during the semester.” – Yamylka Pichardo, junior Advertising major from New Brunswick, New Jersey (Middlesex County)

Rowan University allowed me to really own my experience in achieving my Bachelor’s degree. Through the resources I attained a full scholarship grant and an internship in my field.” – Jesenia Matias, senior Construction Management major from Perth Amboy, New Jersey

“I LOVE the Avant Undergraduate Literary Magazine.” – Shea Roberts, a master’s student in the Masters in Writing program from Howell, New Jersey

“I love how easy it is to make friends and that there is a club for everyone.” – Gina Sannino, senior Writing Arts major from Matawan, New Jersey (Monmouth County)

Tanya Pulavarthi walking down Rowan Boulevard with three other friends. They are looking at each other and laughing,

“Rowan University is a dream come true for me! I didn’t think I would go to college due to finances as a low-income student but Rowan made it possible and I am so excited to be a part of this community. As a freshman last year, I lived on campus and I got involved in many clubs, programs, and organizations. Women In Business is one of them and being a part of it made me feel like I belong here even more! Also, as an Honors student, I can attend events and volunteer and give back to the community which I so much appreciate. Living on campus allowed me to meet a lot of people and make long-term friendships. I also just started working at the Rec Center which is a great environment to be at and everyone is close with each other! I love being on campus and being a part of this great community.” – Despoina Pesiridou, sophomore Finance major from Tinton Falls, New Jersey (Born in Athens, Greece)

“I love the overall feel of the campus and the town of Glassboro” – Ryan Thiel, senior History major from Hamilton Township, New Jersey

I love living so close to a farm, especially during the Fall semester.” – Breanna Lalla, a master’s student in the Marketing & Advertising MBA program from Bloomfield, New Jersey

“My first-year dorm was in Chestnut Hall, and I enjoyed my time a lot here at Rowan. Building and being a part of developing a community with people of color will resonate with me beyond my college years.” – Samuel Poku, senior Music Industry major from Old Bridge, New Jersey

Samuel Poku sitting on a bench outside surrounded by greenery.

“I love how I can be so involved on Campus! I am a member of the Rowan Dance Team, a student employee, and a member of Alpha Sigma Tau. I also love how close the school is to Philadelphia and the beach.” – Alyssa McAvoy, senior Music Industry Tech major from Shrewsbury, New Jersey (Monmouth County)

“I love that I was able to find my core group of friends that I know I will continue relationships with for the rest of my life.” – Bella Stefanowicz, junior Mathematics Education major from Point Pleasant, New Jersey

What I love about Rowan is diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Which I consider to be important aspects of a university culture as it prepares students for a diverse and global society.” – Joysleen Morales, senior Law & Justice major from Middlesex County, New Jersey

“Joining Greek life was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Aephi has brought more friends than I could ever ask for and memories that will last me a lifetime.” – Jackie Artale, senior Advertising major from Fairfield, New Jersey

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education