Rowan Students Share the Best Study Spots on Campus

students walk out of the library

As finals week comes to a close and students and faculty head home for the holidays, we started thinking—where do most people spend their time studying for finals week? We walked around campus and asked students where they do their best studying and why. From the library to the lawn, these are the best study spots on campus according to current Profs.

students drink Red Bull while studying in the library
These sophomores in the mechanical engineering program took advantage of the free Red Bull being given out on campus to keep their group going. Pictured left: Quinn Rinaman, Alex Greenspun, Ryan Sweeney and Dave Coffman. Favorite study spot: Campbell Library. “We like this portion of the library. It has a large availability of workspace and resources.”


two students sit studying for finals
Graelyn Luciano and Chelsea Jeffery are both history majors and sought out a quiet spot to grab a hot drink and review. Favorite study spot: Starbucks Cafe in Barnes and Noble on Rowan Blvd.


student studies in Bozorth lounge
Public relations senior Andrew Bove is excited to finish up finals and head home to Clark, NJ. Favorite study spot: The lounge in Bozorth Hall “I can’t study at my house. I’m too easily distracted. The environment here helps me stay on track. Studying is a mental thing.”


student sips coffee while studying at her internship
Journalism senior Morgan Jenkins shared this selfie with us as she prepared for finals on her break at her internship. Favorite study spot: Desk at Philly Mag. “I worked at Philly Mag for 15 hours a week this semester, so to balance that and school, I had to get creative.”


student studies on a bench outside of Bunce Hall
Brittany Eifert is a double major public relations/advertising senior who finds peace in the great outdoors. Favorite study spot: On a bench outside Bunce Hall. “Rowan’s campus is pretty inspiring. It motivates me to do well.”


Where do like to study, Profs? Share in the comments below. 

By: Bianca Blando