Making Friends Doesn’t Have to be Ruff

two golden labs nose to nose while wearing green Seeing Eye Dog vests

close up of golden lab faceAllow me to introduce Chill N Chat, a group hosted by the Wellness Center and run by two driven juniors: Chanel Brown, a double major in Radio, TV, Film and Communication Studies from Willingboro, Burlington County, and Mahaa Ahmed, a double major in Biological Sciences and Philosophy & Religion Study, from Sicklerville, Camden County.

black lab puppy pants while laying downNow, what to expect from Chill N Chat? Games and food one week, puppies the next. Yes, I said puppies! The Seeing Eye program volunteered to bring in a few of their dogs in training for students to interact with. This experience was entertaining and informative. Let’s face it, we all love cuddling and playing with puppies. If not, stay away from me (just kidding ). Truly though, petting animals with soft fur is known to generally be a form of therapy. Cute + fluffy animal = happy people. Interacting and cuddling with animals puts a smile on our faces- no question about it. It can additionally ensure the chances of having a more positive day. When I attended Chill N Chat we met with three puppies- there were smiles and positive energy all around. One of the volunteers of the Seeing Eye Program mentioned we could leave any time we wanted- as everyone looked around at one another and smiled we knew we had the intention of hanging with the puppies for as long as possible. Making new friends doesn’t have to be rough (dog pun intended).

two girls stand under a sign that says How Do You Express Yourself?
Chanel Brown and Mahaa Ahmed lead the Chill N Chat club

All Rowan University students, regardless of year and major, are encouraged to join and stop in when it fits their schedule. The club offers a chance for students to engage with one another and make new friends in a zero-pressure environment. For those who suffer with social anxiety, this club emphasizes making all members feel welcomed and included. Group leaders Chanel and Mahaa make conversing with one another relaxed as they lead discussions with questions related to getting to know one another. I should stress, the main purpose of Chill N Chat is to hang out, play various games (Jenga for example), and talk amongst friends over a few snacks. This is the perfect club for those who are interested in finding ways to make friends without pressure or awkward situations standing in the way.

By: Tessa Leone, Washington Township, NJ (Gloucester County)
Communication Studies major