Juggling Two Internships To Prep For Graduate School

female student in hallway surrounded by pt equipment

Emily Acton holds not just one internship but two – acting as a research assistant in the Health & Exercise Science Department here on campus and shadowing professional therapists at Woodstown Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab. Emily’s time at the rehab clinic, located close to her Pennsville (Salem County) home allows her to experience the professional life a physical therapist has, giving her an idea of what her career will be like.

Female student performing pt exercises with another female student
Emily discussing the proper stretching techniques

When at the rehab clinic, Emily shadows the therapists. “I’m assigned to a therapist – following her around all day – meeting and talking to patients; learning what techniques the therapist does and actually performing exercises with the patients,” Emily revealed. “That gives me a glimpse into what a therapist’s day is like.”

She also discussed how physical therapists can be responsible for performing research in their career, expressing the importance of her research assistant internship she holds with Rowan. With this research internship, Emily will get the opportunity to present her work at Penn State Berks – acting as the main presenter.

female student working on laptop in pt lab

Keeping her weeks full, Emily works at her research internship all day Mondays and Wednesdays, and half days Thursdays and Fridays; she then works at the rehab clinic all day Tuesdays, and half days Thursdays and Fridays. Emily then ends her days with track – running the 1500m (one mile) up to the 10K. She also involves herself with Outstanding Women Leadership (OWL) for women athletes and Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) representing her team.

It’s no doubt Emily is an incredible student who takes advantage of all the opportunities Rowan University offers. After graduation she’ll attend physical therapy (PT) school.

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Story by:
Alexander Belli, senior public relations and advertising dual major
Photos by:
Vanessa Vause, senior public relations and advertising dual major