Pros and Cons of Holly Pointe Commons

Rowan University Student outside holly pointe commons

Rowan University student inside Holly Pointe CommonsChoosing a dorm to live in for freshman year may be a difficult task for some because incoming college freshman typically don’t have experience living on their own. The process of choosing a dorm that is perfect for you will take some research. Luckily for the freshmen reading this, I have provided you with the pros and cons of living in the most popular of the freshman dorms, Holly Pointe Commons. If you have been on a tour at Rowan University, the ambassadors most likely have taken you to see this grand, non-traditional building up close.

Holly Pointe Commons Snack Shop
The Holly Pointe Snack Shop

Holly Pointe Commons was built in 2016 and is unlike any other dorm. It is the newest and most modern freshman dorm. With its curved shape, this building houses over 1,400 students so you are bound to make a lot of friends. Holly Pointe even allows upperclassmen transfer students to reside in it. Holly Pointe’s obscure exterior has been said to look like a “spaceship” to some. However, I remember thinking Holly Pointe was like a new hotel which made my transition away from home so much easier. I was a part of the first class to live in Holly Pointe so I have listed the top pros and cons of living there.

Holly Pointe Pros

1. Air conditioned

2. Dining hall on the bottom floor

3. Easy to meet new people

4. Disability accessible (elevators, bathroom access)

5. Study spaces with TVs

6. Friendly atmosphere

7. No key needed to get into the building (RowanCard needed to get in)

8. Proximity to Rowan Boulevard

Holly Pointe Cons

1. Farthest freshman dorm from class buildings

2. May be loud at times, even with quiet hours in place

3. Most expensive freshman dorm

4. Students are required to purchase a meal plan

5. Messy hallways or bathrooms

6. Lounges get very crowded during finals week

Rowan University student inside Holly Pointe Commons Study Room
Holly Pointe Study Rooms

Holly Pointe Commons is also gender neutral which may concern parents or students at first. I have noticed that this inclusive space can be beneficial to everyone. Holly Pointe has revolutionized freshman dorming. I have made so many great memories with people I met there. Overall, in a totally biased yet unbiased critique of Holly Pointe Commons, I think an incoming student would really enjoy their stay there.

Check out Holly Pointe Commons here:

Story by: Serina Gonzalez
Sophomore double major, Communication Studies & Public Relations
Little Ferry, Bergen County

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