New Semester Resolutions

It’s pretty common for people to set goals for the upcoming year, but a specific group of people who’d really benefit from new resolutions is college students. It’s hard coming back to school after a month of relaxation and your mom doing your laundry, but some new semester resolutions will help you get back on track in no time.

  1. Read your textbooks
  • Whether you buy or rent your textbooks, they’re expensive … very expensive. College students dish out hundreds of dollars each semester on textbooks they open twice maybe three times if they’re dedicated. I strongly recommend taking the time to keep up with weekly chapter readings. You’ll improve your grades and your textbooks won’t be dusty at the end of the semester.

2. Stop procrastinating

  • Procrastinating is infectious and I’ve been diagnosed for as long as I’ve had a long list of priorities. “Working well under pressure” is just an excuse to cause a disgusting amount of stress on yourself – don’t do it and keep up with your assignments. Try visiting the library, it always sparks motivation for me.
Up close photo of book shelf at Rowan's library.

3. Get a job

  • I started working this past semester and wish I did earlier in my college career. My busy schedule forces me to manage my time, limit my procrastination and allows me to network on campus. Did I mention how much textbooks cost? It helps pay for them!

4. Take care of yourself

  • Managing school work, a job, social or academic organizations is stressful, but knowing how to cope with the stress eases your mind. Drink water, exercise, and sleep. You need to take proper care of yourself before over extending yourself. I suggest devoting 30 minutes – an hour a day doing something you enjoy. It’ll keep you sane, I promise.
Photo of Rowam's Fitness Center entrace on Victoria Blvd.

5. Get involved campus

  • Each semester I try to involve myself in a new organization or club. I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and putting out work that’ll benefit campus. I’ve appreciated the Rowan community more since actively being a part of it.

6. Cancel out excess plastic

  • This resolution doesn’t need much of an explanation. It’s 2019, be environmentally conscious and stop wasting plastic. Buy some reusable cups, straws and bags #savetheturtles.
Rowan student pouring water into a reusable cup.

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Story and photography by: Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major