#PROFspective: Psychology Major Nicole Grant

Nicole Grant laughs as she stands in front of a colorful bulletin board she made as a resident assistant.

Today, we speak with Nicole Grant, a junior psychology major from Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County) who lives on campus in 230 Victoria Street. Nicole will share her #PROFspective with us on what it’s like to be a Rowan University student and how she gets the most out of her college experience as a Rowan Prof.

Name: Nicole Grant
Major: Psychology
Minor: International Studies
Year: Junior
Transfer Student: Yes, transferred here fall 2017 from Susquehanna University
Hometown and County: Cherry Hill NJ
Resident: Yes, 230 Victoria 

Academic clubs:  I am a Big Sister through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization at Rowan. I visit my little sister every week at the local elementary school!

Athletic clubs: Women’s Rugby, social chair

On-Campus Job: I am a resident assistant in my building and recently got a job with the Office of Winter and Summer Sessions.

Describe for us an experience you’ve shared with a professor in which you felt like you were working with a visionary in your field. I have taken Dr. Redondo’s classes twice and love having him as a professor. He works as a prison psychologist and is very interesting and shares so many stories with us. He talks a lot about what he does every day at the prison and his experience is so interesting to me.

Share a moment you’ve experienced in which you have felt that Rowan is a welcoming environment for you? Every day I feel welcomed at Rowan by the kind people I meet and the great professors and staff. Whenever I am walking on campus I always see people I know. Even though it’s a big school, it feels small because of how friendly people are.

Why did you choose Rowan? I chose Rowan because I wanted to go to a bigger school than my previous university, as well as one closer to home. I also wanted to go somewhere with a rugby team. I knew a lot of people who were happy at Rowan and so I decided to apply there.

What’s your favorite thing about your typical Monday at Rowan? On Mondays I go to an elementary school near campus to visit my little sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I love seeing her and love that I have to opportunity to volunteer at the elementary school and spend time with kids. I never had a little sister — just a little brother — so I am glad I get the opportunity to have her in my life. 

On your busiest day, what academic, non-academic and social responsibilities are you juggling?Besides my courses, I have responsibilities as a Resident Assistant. Even when it is not a day I have duty at night, I still may be helping my residents, putting up a bulletin board, or making door decs. In addition, I have practice three times a week in the fall, and games on the weekends for the Rugby team. This upcoming semester I start my new job at the office of summer and winter sessions and I am very excited about it.

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Story by: Nicole Grant, junior psychology major
Photography by: Nicole Cier, junior writing arts major