Family Fun While Visiting Your Rowan Student

Blonde female student takes a selfie at a sunflower field near Rowan University

Dr. Heidi L. Newell, parent of a Rowan sophomore, shares her insight on how to make fun family memories while visiting your Rowan University student on campus. 

You moved them in, now what do you do for a little fun and bonding time? These are some on-campus or local activities my family has tried that are worthwhile. Note: some of these events require an admission fee or even a reservation.

Take a tour of the Hollybush mansion on campus. It was the site of the historic 1967 summit meeting between President Lyndon B. Johnson and Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin, and it was also the home for Rowan University presidents until about 20 years ago.

Line of people wait to enter the historic brick Hollybush Mansion at Rowan University

Feeling sporty? Take a Rec Center class with your student. This summer I took a spin class with my daughter and survived! If you’d like to get into some school spirit, attend an athletics event where you might run into our mascot, Whoo RU!

Attend a College of Performing Arts event. I recommend the annual Jazz Festival Concert. There are many amazing student and faculty productions such as theatre, art shows and concerts.7 women wearing purple dresses on stage raise their arms at a production held at Rowan University

Sit back and relax in our own Edelman Planetarium and learn about what your student sees in the sky above campus.

a row of student sit at the Rowan University planetarium, looking up at a presentation

Want to get your hands dirty and find out what roamed the campus long before your student did? Try the Edelman Fossil Park and bring home your very own fossil.

5 people work independently to dig in the mud at the Rowan University Fossil Park

Rowan has a terrific program called Rowan After Hours (RAH) that offers an alternative to off-campus parties. My daughter and I attended a “Stranger Things” event with many cool activities inspired by one of our favorite shows.

Just off campus is the Heritage Glass Museum where you can learn more about the origin of the Glassboro name.

Glassboro is our second home and we’ve attended many ‘boro events. Some of our favorites happen right off campus such as the annual tree lighting or live free music nights with food trucks on the green.

Like what you see, come visit us!