#PROFspective: Biology Major Sarah Sosa

Rowan biology major Sarah Sosa outside Rowan Boulevard Apartments

Name: Sarah Sosa

Major: Biology

Minors or concentration: Environmental Studies and Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Year: Junior

Hometown and County: Elizabeth, NJ (Union County)

Resident: Rowan Boulevard Apartments

Academic Clubs: Pre-Vet Club, REAL Club

Tell us about your travel home up to North Jersey and how you get there using public transportation: 

The first time I had to go home from Rowan to Elizabeth, I think it was just to see some friends. I didn’t have a car so I didn’t know what to do. We always talked about “How am I supposed to go home?” Nobody knew and nobody was going to volunteer to come pick me up and take me all the way home. So I went to the front office of the Student Center and I asked them about the route to go home. They showed me the route and what to do. They had bus schedules and maps that I could take a look at … but I also did my own research too.Rowan biology major Sarah Sosa sits outside Rowan Boulevard

I downloaded the NJ Transit app (this was before I knew about the Rowan-Camden shuttle), but for my first entire year I would take the NJ Transit bus that stops at Campbell Library to Camden. Using the public bus does take a little longer than the shuttle. However, I didn’t find that out until the end of the semester when I had missed the bus and finally used the Rowan shuttle.

From Camden, I take another bus from the Camden-Walter Rand Transportation Center to the Trenton train station, which is about an hour. From there you take the Northeast Corridor line which goes all the way to New York City, but I take it to get to the second-to-last stop, Elizabeth.

I always let people know about my commute and let them know that it does take about three hours, but I’m so used to it already it doesn’t bother me that much! I usually go by myself, but recently I bumped into a friend who was going home too, so we ended up leaving together. It’s nice to have a buddy to go with you for the long ride.

Why did you choose Rowan?

I chose Rowan because I liked being someplace not too close but not too far away from home. There’s a good amount of distance. I also felt like Rowan was the only school really reaching out to me. There was a program called the Rowan Select Program, which helped students get more of a push into college life. I liked that Rowan had a program like that and that my Rowan Select orientation was two nights and three days so we could get more assimilated. During that orientation we actually started listening to lectures and during the summer we took a two-credit online class, which was a good head start. I liked that Rowan was doing something different. 

Why did you choose Environmental Studies?Rowan biology major Sarah Sosa outside Rowan Boulevard Apartments

I have always been into the environment — green everything, conservation biology, animal extinction and the reasons why they’re going extinct. I’ve also just been interested on how pollution and climate change are affecting us.

What advice would you give to your high school self about choosing the right school? 

Just relax! It’s not the end of the world. I can’t remember how many times I stressed out about deciding before May about what I wanted to choose! I thought I had to choose an entirely different lifestyle for the rest of my life. You have options! Be confident about your decisions, and don’t be afraid to do whatever you want to do. 

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Story and photography by:
Bianca Torres, junior Music Industry major