#PROFspective: Radio/TV/Film Major Adam Clark

Adam looks into the distance, while wearing a crisp white button down shirt and fall colored trees behind him.

Adam Clark, a senior from Bridgeton, NJ (Cumberland County), is a Radio/TV/Film (RTF) major. Today, we will talk with Adam about his experience with filmmaking and how Rowan has prepared him for his future goals.

Year: Senior
Major: Radio/TV/Film (production focus)
Town/County: Bridgeton, NJ
Commuter: Yes
Job on campus: No, jobs elsewhere
Clubs/Activities: Cinema Workshop

What inspired you to choose your major? I started playing guitar in seventh grade and started recording music soon after. It was a lot of fun, and I thought I wanted to turn it into a career. At Cumberland County College, I chose to major in Communications because it was the closest thing to music recording. I had a video production class and fell in love with making videos. I then added a second major, video production, as soon as possible. When I transferred to Rowan, the logical next step was to be an RTF major. 

Adam Clark edits his movies with Adobe Premiere Pro while sitting in one of the many editing labs inside Bozorth Hall.
Adam Clark edits his movies with Adobe Premiere Pro while sitting in one of the editing labs inside Bozorth Hall.

Tell me about one moment that made you feel like Rowan was the right fit for you. I always planned on going to Rowan, even long before I knew what I’d go to school for. It’s close and decently priced. That said, in my first semester I kind of felt that I was just going through the motions. I was doing fine in my classes, but the work didn’t really mean much to me. My second semester at Rowan, however, I really started to feel that I belonged. I had three production classes (Foundations of Media Production, Film Production 1 and TV Production 1). I was getting to work with my classmates, make friends and I was finally getting to make things! I love doing projects. That semester I got to produce so many audio and video projects. I was reminded of why I chose this major. 

What advice would you give your high school self about choosing a college? I want to work in film production specifically, so I want my legacy to be memorable and surprising stories with beautiful visuals. I want to tell stories that break the mold of what is commonplace in the entertainment world. If I can create one moment in a film that deeply and memorably touches the audience, then I will be a success. But hopefully, I make a few.

Tell me about one club, organization or group of friends that make you feel like Rowan is home. I think that Cinema Workshop makes Rowan special. It’s a great resource to encourage creativity and provide real experience. They are very supportive of original ideas and have the resources to make them come to life. 

Adam draws a storyboard before shooting each of his movies.
Adam draws a storyboard before shooting each of his movies.

What’s your favorite thing about your typical Thursday at Rowan? On Thursdays, I have class in the morning until early afternoon. Then, I leave, go to the gym, and come back after dinner for Writer’s Room and Cinema Workshop. Writer’s Room teaches members about ways to write and improve screenplays. At the Cinema Workshop meeting that follows, we’ll usually play a game, watch a movie trailer, discuss it and talk about upcoming shoots. 

What are some video projects you have done, and which one are you most proud of? I’ve done many video projects in my time at Rowan. As far as editing goes, I think one of my most interesting edits is The Sandwich Heist from Film 1. I had a lot of angles to switch between, and I think my music choice added a lot to the story. With regard to shooting, I think my Project 1: Slice of Life is some of my best work. I shot of every little detail in the Rowan Radio studio, so I had to find ways to keep it fresh with rack focuses and camera movements. As a whole, I’m very proud of my original short film FM. I shot it with my phone for a Cinema Workshop weekend challenge. I was both cast and crew for this film. I set up the shots and then ran around to be in them. I shot it in a cool old building over the course of one long night. There are lots of light switches and cool pockets of light in there, so I got to be really aesthetically creative. The result is dark, thematically and lighting-wise. I got great feedback from many people.

Radio/TV/Film major Adam Clark sits in one of the film labs in Bozorth Hall

What are your goals after graduation? Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years? After graduation, I want to move somewhere with more of a film scene — maybe even Los Angeles. I know there’s a lot of competition there, but there are also a lot of opportunities. If I stayed in New Jersey, I wouldn’t stand a chance of making money from movies. Before I can move, though, I need to ensure that I have several great pieces of work to showcase my abilities. In the next few years, I see myself struggling but ultimately thriving. I’ll be directing and editing films — maybe even acting in a few!

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Story and photography by:
Peter Planamente, senior journalism major