Women in Leadership: Abby Aretz, President of Prism

A close up photo of a girl holding a rose to her face.
Abby holds a sign answering who inspires her. She says: my mom, she pushes me to stand up for others..

A senior political science major from Vineland, NJ (Cumberland County) who is also a commuter, Abby Artez serves as president of Prism, an LGBTQIA+ club. After spending three years as a member of the women’s rugby team, Abby decided to retire from the sport to focus on helping others like herself who are in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Abby works on her laptop.
Abby responds to Prism emails.
Abby holds sign that says "Seeing people hang out who met at a Prism meeting or event" as a joy for her.
A joy of being a part of Prism.
Abby chatting with a fellow club member.
Abby holding up a sign that says "to make friends and learn something new."

As president of Prism Abby fosters a community where people within the LGBTQIA+ community can build relationships with others and develop lifetime friendships. Throughout the day, she sets aside time to connect with her peers, goes over last-minute details and works on building a legacy for other campus women leaders.

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Story by:
Christian A. Browne, junior Communication Studies major