Pandemic Profs: Reconnecting with Family & Nature

Flowering teardrop plant Bianca discovered on her nature walks

Welcome to our series to give you a glimpse into Rowan University, our campus culture, and the lives of our students, while we’re practicing social distancing to protect society from the spread of COVID-19. Today’s story is from Bianca Torres, a junior isolating from her house in Morris County, NJ. Bianca is a Music Industry major with a minor in Marketing who normally lives in the Whitney Center on Rowan Boulevard.

I’m a very social and extroverted person, so when I realized that I really couldn’t go anywhere or see my friends, I was really upset. However, this whole experience has taught me something important and something that I’ve forgotten about — the importance of family and nature.

I have never been one to go on runs or walks outside. Whenever I wanted to get exercise into my day, I would just go to the gym. Now that the gyms are temporarily closed, I don’t have that option anymore. I’ll admit, I started to panic at first because I didn’t know what I would do to pass my time. I’m not a homebody either, so I really did not want to be stuck in my house for so long.

So, my immediate thought was that I would start to go outside more often. I’m very glad I made that decision because it has completely changed my perspective.

Luckily, I live in a pretty rural area of NJ so there are a lot of open spaces, trails and parks to go to. I make it a point to go outside at least once a day, weather permitting, and go for a walk or run. Now that we have some nice weather, the flowers and trees are starting to bloom and it makes everything so pretty!

Bianca's father looking into a river on the side of the trail. He is wearing jeans, a tan jacket and a white snapback hat.
My dad looking to the river on the trail we walk on.

These walks have also helped me reconnect with my family. Both of my parents work long days and usually, I would be working too. We were all never on the same schedule or had much time to spend a lot of quality time together. However, my whole family is in the house now and we only have each other. Now my family will come on these walks with me too!

Being in isolation has made me appreciate being lucky enough to be with my family during these crazy times. Being in nature has made me appreciate the environment and how good it feels to be outside. 

This whole experience has really made me come back to the idea that the world keeps turning even though our lives change. 

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Story and photography by:
Bianca Torres, junior music industry major