Senior Reflects: Law & Justice Major Thanks Family & Faculty

Bunce Hall, a flag, and the sun.

Meet Shira Helena, a Law & Justice major from Camden, NJ (Camden County.) Shira shares her favorite Rowan memories and thanks faculty and her family for all their support during her college career.

Favorite Experience: My favorite experience at Rowan was being able to A portrait photo of my counselor Dr. Lesley Mateo, who along my college journey became a friend.

Most Meaningful Moment: My favorite meaningful moment is meeting friends who supported me along the way, and helped me overcome all my obstacles.

Career Aspirations: My career aspiration is to become a DEA agent. I had several professors who shared their experience and have helped me get me on track to accomplish my dreams step by step.

A family photo of Shira.

Shout Outs! I will like to thanks my counselor Dr.Lesley Mateo who helped me not to quit. My family for supporting me all this time. My mom Jackeline Oquendo Who teach to fight for what I want and teach values that got me where I am today. Odesta Harrow and Melissa Harrow for always being there for me and giving me support. Bethairy Rosario And Rosanna For being supportive all the time. My daughter Alayza Ocasio because you motivated me to become the woman that I am today. The Upward Bound programĀ  that helped me to get into Rowan University and helped me to be ready for college Waldemar Ocasio I will like to thank you for supporting me when I need the most.

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