Senior Reflects: Studio Art Major Carlo Martines

The Rowan University Art Gallery

Today we feature Carlo Martines, a Studio Art graduating senior from Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County). Carlo transferred to Rowan from Chestnut Hill College, and before social distancing, he commuted to campus. 

Could you please share your favorite social memory? My favorite socialPortrait of Carlo. memory was becoming acquainted with all peers from Cross Country/Track and Field. Another funny one (before I was even officially a Prof) was going to a summer party/kick-back and asking an AEPhi girl if she was in DPhiE. My buddy, who had brought me to this social event, thought it was hysterical.

Could you please share your favorite moment with a faculty member or a favorite experience in one of your classes? My favorite moment with a faculty member was answering a handful of questions correctly in a row for a final review for Macro-economics. I wasn’t sure why I was so strong in that class but I received a B and that was my best mark all semester.

Carlo poses for a selfie.What advice would you give to incoming freshmen or transfers about making the most out of their college experience while choosing a university close to home? Stay grounded by doing your best academically. Social life will come no matter what. But if you are doing poorly in class it will affect all aspects of your life as a Prof.

Do you want to give a thank you shout out to your family, friends, advisors or mentors? Shout-out to André Baldarrago, Paulo Nascimento, Kenny Stetser, Joe Paolini, Jan Conradi, Herr Schmidt, Joe Finoochiaro, Eric Dubois, Coach Dimit, Nick Neville, Jenna Pumphrey, Tyler Kline, Adam Lovitz, Rowan Club Soccer, Stephen Kümmer, Michael Schillo, David Vaccaro, Joey Baldarrago, and Zach Bruno, as well as my family, all of my professors from my time at Rowan, and all Profs involved with extra-curricular activities. 

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