How I Chose My Major: Exploratory Studies To Psychology Major Sydney Basis

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Today, we speak to rising sophomore Sydney Basis. She is from Marlboro, NJ (Monmouth County) and is an on-campus resident. Sydney is a former Exploratory Studies major who then made the decision to become a Psychology major. She’s going to tell us a little more about her experience as an Exploratory Studies major and how she eventually chose the right fit for her!

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How and why did you find Rowan?

When the time came to start applying for colleges, I had not heard of Rowan yet. Some of my friends were talking about applying to Rowan because they had heard great things about it, so I decided to look into it. After looking around Rowan’s website, I decided to book a campus tour and immediately loved the campus environment. Before my freshman year started, I was still concerned that I could have made the wrong choice but after going to Rowan, I knew that it was the perfect choice for me and I couldn’t have picked a better school.

Why did you originally choose Exploratory Studies?

I chose Exploratory Studies because going into my freshman year, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was really excited to try out all different areas of study because I knew I would eventually find the perfect major for me, which I did. This program was so amazing because it really gave me the freedom to try out everything I was interested in and I was not stuck to just one subject matter.

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After looking online and taking a tour, Sydney “immediately loved the campus environment.”

What has been your favorite experience as an Exploratory Studies major?

My favorite experience as an Exploratory Studies major has definitely been meeting people throughout all of the different classes I have taken. Since you are taking so many different classes to find your interests, you meet people from all different majors and all different career paths. I also enjoyed the Exploratory Studies seminars that Rowan held to give students an idea of what each major at Rowan was like and it gave us the opportunity to speak with the advisors in charge of the majors. This was very helpful to me.

What major are you going into?

I decided to become a Psychology major because I realized that I would like to become an occupational therapist in the future. Although Rowan does not have an OT program, their Psychology program and other classes outside of this program will prepare me for graduate school, which is something I am very excited about.

How did you figure out what major was “the one”?

I was always very interested in psychology, but never really knew what could be done with this degree. I looked at the program guide on Rowan’s website and I loved the classes that it offered. I then looked further and researched the different career opportunities in the field. I found occupational therapy through my research and knew that’s what I wanted to do in the future. Searching around Rowan’s website helped a lot through this whole process.

Any advice to Exploratory Studies majors? Or general advice to Rowan students?

For any Exploratory Studies students, I would definitely tell you that this program is not just about finding what programs you do like, it is also about finding ones that you do not like. It may be disappointing when you do not enjoy a class that you thought you would be interested in, but it is ultimately bringing you closer to a decision because you were able to rule out that field. This will break down your choices and find the perfect major and career for you which is the main goal.

Also, if there are any fields of study that you do enjoy already, I would look into what careers you can do with that kind of degree. This is what helped me find my major and dream job. The Rowan website is very helpful, so you should check it out! 

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Sydney Basis, sophomore psychology major

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