4 Tips To Adjust to Living with Roommates

Two roommates hanging out in their dorm.

Today’s post is from Bianca Torres, a senior Music Industry major with a minor in Marketing from Morris County, NJ. She lives on-campus in Whitney Center. Bianca writes: “Going to college has helped me get out of my comfort zone and has helped me become a much more well-rounded individual! I know that adjusting to college can be tough — especially if you’re living with other people who you’ve never lived with before.”

A big part of college life is living with roommates. At times, it can be great! Other times, it can be hard, especially when you’re new to college life and living with someone else in the same room! Here are some tips to help you adjust to living with a roommate.

Two roommates create music in their living space

(1) Communication is key.

When it comes to our living habits, everybody’s “comfortable” looks different. When living with someone in close quarters, it’s really important to communicate with each other! Make sure you set some ground rules and figure out compromises. Make sure you’re on the same page as your roommate. If something is bothering you, bring it up in a civil way and try to work it out! Most of the time, roommate issues can be solved by good communication. 

Three roommates hang out and study together

(2) Be considerate of each other’s space/belongings.

It’s important to remember that you’re living with another person. Whether  it’s in the same room or in the same apartment, it’s a good idea to share the space equally! Keep it tidy so you don’t start intruding on their side of the room or the common area. It’s also a good idea to ask your roommate before using something of theirs or when you are thinking of bringing guests over. Don’t assume just because you’re living in the same room or apartment that it’s ok. Always ask!

Three roommates play a game of UNO

(3) Know each other’s schedules.

It’s always good to know each other’s schedules. This is because you don’t want to bother or wake each other up if you have an early class or call them if they’re busy, in class or at a club meeting. Knowing schedules will help in being considerate and respectful of each other.

Two roommates enjoy at-home facials

(4) Get to know your roommate.

Of course, try to talk to your roommate! It’s important not to write someone off right away. Especially if it’s the first time either of you is living with each other. They could be just as nervous as you are! Getting to know your roommate can lead to a better relationship and you might even make a really great friend! 

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major