Junior Major Moments: Alex Marzocca Gains Confidence for a Career in Finance and Accounting

Alex pictured in professional attire.

Today we feature double major in Finance and Accounting, Alex Marzocca from Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County).  

Close up photo of Alex.

Can you share your favorite moment with a faculty member or a favorite experience in one of your classes? 

My favorite experience with a faculty member is with my finance professor, Joseph Henry. His method of teaching is the best I’ve ever experienced. He reinforced everything explained during lectures with math-based examples on Excel. Not only that, he also allowed me to assist him with his Excel-based finance research. It was a fantastic learning experience for me! 

What is the most amazing or interesting thing you’ve learned in your major this year? 

The most interesting thing I learned in my major this year was the complexity involved in pricing a stock option. The scholastic calculus combined with the statistics included in the model are quite intricate especially, when the equation is extrapolated. 

What pre-professional experiences are helping to support your growth? 

A pre-professional experience that helped support my growth is the internship I had with a boutique real estate investment bank over winter break. I was made aware of the opportunity through a personal connection, and my time there provided me with hands-on finance and real-estate experience.

The experience will certainly be helpful as I begin my search for full-time employment. More importantly, it instilled a confidence in me that I have the skills needed to contribute and be a valuable member of a professional team.

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Story by: 
Melanie Sbaraglio, recent public relations and advertising graduate

Photos courtesy of:
Alex Marzocco