My Favorite Class: Professions in Publishing

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This story is a part of the “My Favorite Class” series.

Scott MacLean is a senior Writing Arts major enrolled in the 4+1 dual degree program. He is from Wenonah, NJ (Gloucester County) and transferred from Rowan College of South Jersey.

What was the name of your favorite class at Rowan? 

Professions in Publishing

What department was the class in? 

Masters in Writing (MAWR)

Who taught the class when you took it? 

Megan Atwood

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Tell us a little about what the class is.

Professions in Publishing looks at the publishing industry as a whole and trade publishing in particular. We went over the various career paths involved in the publishing process, with an emphasis on the editing aspects. We worked to edit manuscripts and learned from many guest speakers who all play a role in the publishing industry.

Share with us a few details on why this class was interesting or special to you. 

I’ve always been a book lover, and throughout my time at Rowan I’ve learned I’m an excellent peer editor. My goal is to one day work as an editor in the publishing industry, and this class gave me the skills needed to realize that dream!

Is there anything else that made this class impactful?

I have never had a class that so closely applies to what I want to do with my future. I am so thankful for the chance to learn from Professor Atwood and the many guest speakers!

Scott holds his diploma at commencement.

What makes this professor great?

Professor Atwood has first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of the publishing industry. She is truly a wonderful professor who made this class not only informative, but fun too! She is always open to questions and creates a safe environment for classroom discussions. It’s easy to tell she’s invested in our futures and wants us to have all the knowledge we’ll need to be successful writers and editors.

How did this class help to support your academic or personal growth, or your professional goals? 

For the first time, I feel not only prepared for my future career, but eager to begin! It’s as if some divine force crafted this class to fit my needs perfectly.

What are your professional goals? 

My dream is to become an editor in the publishing industry and to eventually go on to be an author myself.

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Story by:
Caitlyn Dickinson, public relations and advertising graduate