First Year Voices: Finding My Place at Rowan University as a Music Education Major [VIDEO]

Aaliyah sits in Robinson green.

Today, we introduce you to Aaliyah Jenkins of Mercer County, NJ. Aaliyah, a first-year student, studies Music Education and lives on campus.

A close up of Aaliyah playing cello.

Could you share a few on-campus activities, clubs, sports or events that you’ve attended so far? What was your favorite, and why?

There are many on-campus activities to do. This is because of RAH [Rowan After Hours] and Student Univeristy Programmers (SUP). RAH is always having events on Thursday nights and the weekends. There have been many trivia game nights. At these game nights, you’ll have fun with your friends, and you can even win prizes.

In the Student Center, there are many fun activities that happen in The Pit: movie nights, photo booths, and selling tickets for discounted university trips.

I am currently in the Women of Color Collective Club. In this club any woman of color goes to relax her mind and to freely express her opinions. I like this club because as a minority on campus sometimes it can feel uncomfortable not being like the majority. I want other women to know my experience so that we all can get through college together.

Aaliyah stands in front of Robinson Hall.

What are some ways you’ve made friends this year?

Some ways I have made friends this year are freshman orientation and the music department. When I went to my freshman orientation in the summer, I went by myself. I bonded with some people there and we made a group chat. During move-in day, we all figured out we were in the same building. We consistently love and support each other.

My current major is Music Education. Since I am a music major, most of my classes are in the music department. In Wilson, we perform for one another and play with each other.

Aaliyah plays cello on a dark stage.

What is one thing about Rowan itself that you liked that encouraged you to enroll?

One thing about Rowan that I liked is its music program. The music program here is intense but it is also a good, well-rounded program. Another thing that I like about Rowan is its setting.

I like Glassboro and the campus is a nice size. The walks from building to building are not that far. The buildings are upgraded here and pretty to look at too!

Aaliyah poses with her cello.

Did you attend Accepted Students Day last spring?


How did attending the day benefit you or help your transition to Rowan?

This day benefited me because I got my Rowan University lanyard on this day. This lanyard had my name and major on it. Some random people came up to me and told me that they were also in the music department so I might see them in the future. At this event, I took a picture with the owl. There were a lot of food trucks and free T-shirts to give out. I like the welcomeness that Rowan showed to its future students.

Any advice for high school seniors about choosing a school?

The advice I have for high school seniors about choosing a school is to go where it feels right. Make sure you visit the campus so that you like the setting. Also, make sure that whatever major you pursue has a good program at that specific college or university. Also, make sure you put money into consideration. Can you afford this school without going into debt?

Aaliyah playing cello in one of Wilson Hall's practice rooms.
Aaliyah plays cello in one of Wilson Hall’s practice rooms available to students.

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Story by:
Joseph Conte, junior community and environmental planning major