Dragons in the Student Center: A Night at Rowan After Hours

students in line at RAH event in the student center
student worker at RAH event
RAH staff member David Miller

You might think the Chamberlain Student Center would be empty on weekend nights, but think again! It’s packed Thursday through Saturday evenings because students are going to Rowan After Hours, known as RAH. Through the Office of Student Activities, RAH puts on events and activities in the Student Center every weekend. In the past there has been Disney themed dinners, a hypnotist, DIY projects and salsa dance lessons. Anything you could think of they have done!

This semester dragons, thrones, duels, and more came out to the Student Center for Games of Thrones Novelty Night with crafts and activities inspired by the hit HBO fantasy series. The night was coordinated by David Miller, a senior mathematics major. He is just one of RAH’s many student staff members. Students like David are welcome to pitch ideas for theme nights and can even plan the event themselves. Halfway through the night 211 students had already signed into RAH. David considered the night a success, saying, “It’s turned out really good so far.”

students eating in student center
Students paint their dragon eggs

There was plenty to entertain everyone from its 9:00 p.m. opening all the way until RAH closed at 1:00 a.m. Fans of the books or HBO series enjoyed taking a quiz to see which of the eight “Noble Houses.” Afterwards they could get their photo taken on the notorious “Iron Throne” with a little green screen magic.

There was plenty to enjoy even if you’ve never watched the show or read the novels. Some students spent their evening making dragon eggs out of styrofoam and metal tacks to create a layered scales effect. Choosing what color and design to paint their egg was even harder than sticking in all of those little tacks! If someone wanted a whole dragon family, they could go stuff their own dragon plush on the other side of the student center.

student cooking at RAH event
RAH staff serving turkey legs at the Midnight Food Bar

If crafting wasn’t your thing, an inflatable battle arena was set up in the Student Center Pit for the hardened warriors of the student body. Opponents donned their padded head gear and entered the battle with inflatable lances. Standing on two platforms, knights jousted to see who would be knocked off their platform. Unlike in Game of Thrones, no students were beheaded. Afterwards, students could feast on turkey legs at the Midnight Food Bar! By the end of the night, 270 people had participated in David’s Game of Thrones Novelty Night.

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Story by: Laura Kincaid, Swedesboro, NJ (Gloucester County)
Sophomore writing arts major