Seth Jackson: Previous #PROFspective’s Vision Comes to Life

Seth outside Bunce with his show poster

Featured in 2017 on Rowan’s #PROFspective, Seth Jackson, a first generation college student junior from Baltimore, MD, spoke of proposing his original show, The Blurred Perspectives, to Lab Theatre, a student-run organization producing and performing many varieties of art. You can even find a picture of his original script in his #PROFspective! Fast forward to September 2018, where Seth’s dream turned into a reality.

The Blurred Perspectives debuted in the black box (Bunce 159) on a Thursday night and was followed by 3 successful performances over the next few days. This original story blurs the lines of reality and fantasy, merging into one being to explore the the innocence, wickedness, rambunctiousness and charisma that truly make us human. Let’s take a listen from the writer and director ourselves …

Seth Jackson outside Bunce Hall

How did this story come about?

“I wrote this show for myself in 2017. It was very therapeutic for me. The majority of the text actually comes from my childhood journal. After writing it, I realized the story is relatable to not only me, but so many people, and so I wanted this message to be heard and brought to life on stage.”

Give us a glimpse into the psychology of The Blurred Perspectives.

“There is a lot to process about life in general, and a lot of that needs to be processed and analyzed alone. It’s crazy to accept the idea that I am this human being, this living organism, and who knows where I came from. I just exist. And truth is, everyone can’t like you. You’ll get angry. Sad. Happy. It’s all so much to process and I wanted to look at what these emotions mean. I wanted to analyze what it means to be a human being.”

picture by student Matt Vesely of the performance

What is the general idea of the show?

“Blurred Perspectives is an intense look at the birthing process. Besides the physical part, we look at the psychological aspects and how the mind and emotions come about.”

Can you speak more on the emotions of the human you are investigating?

“There’s a happy you, a sad you, a romantic, an angry, a wild you. And it’s interesting to see how the different types of you vary so much, but they’re all you. So imagine if the different emotions were personified and able to talk to each other and come together to make this one solid you. That’s what the show is about.”

Seth and his original show poster outside Bunce Give us a teaser …

“You have Nadia that represents love vs. lust. You have Brandon who is a hopeless romantic. You have Eddie who is evil and full of anger. You have Beverly who is the charisma and always putting on a facade. There’s a wise one, an annoying one. I want everyone to know it is okay to feel these emotions intensely. In the end, they pass, and no one emotion ever overtakes us. We are a combination of all these feelings.”

So you wrote the script. Tell me about the movement in this show. 

“I thank Kerry Jules [senior theatre major, Lab Theatre executive board] to the moon and back. Without him, this process wouldn’t have gone nearly as smooth. Although his choreography uses the idea of receive, recycle and reuse, a concept we preach in this department, Kerry created brand new movement that is fresh and innovative. The staging is mature content, the material is very in-your-face. I’m incredibly proud of this production and thankful for all who has contributed.”

photo in the lab theatre of the performance on stage

Putting together a full-blown production within three weeks has been an exciting challenge for the cast and crew of The Blurred Perspectives. This quick process has lit a fire within the cast. Catch a performance this weekend as the actors tackle a huge concept of humanity, emotional creation, and what it means to just be.

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Story by:
Vanessa Vause, public relations and advertising senior
Photos by:
Vanessa Vause & Matt Vesely