5 Financial Tips for Transfer Students

Rowan Owl statue, near where Ben and Zazu's photos were taken

Today, we speak with five transfer students who have some financial tips to share with future incoming Rowan students.

“I took summer classes and that cut-down my work load by a lot during the semester. I was also able to manage my time by taking online courses, so I was able to have time for my paid full-time internship, work, and myself too!” – Lani Gorczynski, senior communication studies major from Stratford, NJ (Camden County)

Joseph Murphy stands in front of a brick wall.

“Even as a transfer student, Rowan was able to help me financially with grants and scholarships. Thanks to Rowan, I’m able to achieve academic success!” – Joseph Murphy, senior music industry major from Woolwich, NJ (Gloucester County)

“FASFA and Financial Aid helps make everything laid out in front of you especially as a transfer student! The staff at Financial Aid are super helpful!” – Christian Browne, junior, communications studies major from Philadelphia, PA

“I’m a commuter! Not paying for housing makes it a lot easier financially. It also makes it easier to pay for school related costs like textbooks and materials.” – Nick Gaetano, junior computer science major, Washington Township, NJ (Gloucester County)

“Try to maintain a schedule. Try to do the same thing every week. I also go home on the weekends to work at my own automotive detailing company to get some money during the school year!” – Andrew Cier, sophomore entrepreneurship major, Middlesex County, NJ

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Story and photography by:
Bianca Torres, Junior Music Industry major