First Year Voices: Hannah Catherine Kittrell Reflects

Hannah and friend sit outside on-campus.

Today’s (FRESH)man Voices features Hannah Catherine Kittrell, a theatre arts major from Williamsburg, VA, who lived in Holly Pointe Commons until COVID-19 shut down the campus. 

Portrait of Hannah.What did you most enjoy your freshman year at Rowan? My first semester was challenging, and I often doubted my talent and strength, but this semester I can already see some growth in my artistry. It makes me really excited for the next three years.

Could you share with one happy moment you had with friends, professors or other members of the Rowan community that made you realize Rowan felt like “home”? My birthday is in November. I was really missing my friends and family. My new friend at Rowan, Mattie Millet, had helped plan a surprise dinner with all of my closest peers at Rowan and my best friend from home. I felt incredibly cared for and supported within this community that was so new to me.

What advice do you have for future freshmen looking at colleges right now? I would tell incoming freshmen to look for schools where both the students and professors’ beliefs can coalesce with your own. I decided on Rowan because I felt really comfortable shadowing. The students spoke like me, we had a shared sense of humor etc. It sounds cliche but it really felt like home.

Hannah posing on her bed in her Holly Pointe Commons dorm.What are you most looking forward to next year at Rowan? I’m looking forward to rooming with three other talented, empowered women that I’m proud to call my friends, and I’m really excited for Rowan’s upcoming main stage season.

Hannah poses with her friends.

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