Senior Reflects: Aspiring Elementary Ed Teacher Shares Her Story

casey and three friends posing for a grad pic.

Meet Casey Urion, a graduating senior from Pilesgrove, NJ (Salem Casey standing in front of the owl statue.County) who double majored in elementary education and literacy studies. Casey looks forward to a career as a second grade teacher and thanks her mentors and friends for years of support. 

Favorite moment with a faculty member: I can’t think of a favorite moment or experience but I do know that one of my favorite professors and classes taken at Rowan was Principles and Pedagogies with Corine Brown. Through this course, I was able to explore different topics centered around multicultural education and student diversity within the classroom. Corine Brown was always welcoming and engaging and her approach to teaching the material was eye-opening. I left that class with a greater appreciation for student diversity and more knowledge on how to create and develop an inclusive, safe, and nurturing learning environment for all students. 

How did you meet your closest friends at Rowan? I actually met my two best friends, Julia Barr and Karlyn Harlow, prior to attending Rowan through a program called RUTA (Rowan Urban Teacher Academy). We attended this program the summer of our junior year in high school and I was lucky enough to come back the following summer, along with Karlyn, to be mentors for the program. Before coming into my freshman year at Rowan University, I signed up for the Freshman Connection Adventure program in order to meet new people and make my transition a little easier. Before official move-in day, the Freshman Connection groups held a picnic and that is where I reunited with Julia as she was in the Leadership program. I was so surprised but happy to see a familiar face and we hung out for the rest of the day. When school started, I bumped into Karlyn on campus and asked her to hang out with Julia and I and from that day forward, we grew to become best friends, roommates for 3 years, and sisters in Theta Phi Alpha. They are a huge part of what made my college experience so memorable and I’m so lucky to have them in my life.

Career aspirations: Casey and a friend in front of the rowan owlMy career aspirations are to become an elementary school teacher (preferably second grade) and go back to school to receive my master’s in education. I hope to get involved as much as possible within the school community and eventually become a dean of students at an elementary school. 

Shout outs! I want to give a special shoutout to my grandparents, Earl and Eileen Urion, for supporting me all these years and giving me the opportunity to achieve my dream in becoming a future educator. I want to thank all of my Rowan professors and advisors, Achieving the Dream Program, and the LLSC Department for the guidance and support. I want to thank Theta Phi Alpha Fraternity for the opportunity to grow as an individual and the amazing people and friendships I’ve made through this organization. I want to thank my cooperating teacher, Elizabeth Schneider, for being so welcoming, kind, and willing to help me succeed in every way possible. I appreciate all of your feedback and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you. Thanks to my best friends, Dana Terry and Sarah McGoldrick, for always sticking by my side and being my biggest fans since we were in Elementary School. Without you two, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I want to thank my other best friends, Julia Barr and Karlyn Harlow, for being my rocks throughout college. You are both so inspiring and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Last but not least, I want to thank my amazing, hard-working, and caring boyfriend, Brandon Bedilion. You have given me endless amount of support in everything I do and you push me to be a better person. I wouldn’t want to continue on this journey with anyone else by my side. 

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