Senior Reflects: Computer Science Major Looks Forward To Her Career in Cyber Forensics

Computer science major Monica and her three friends outside Bunce Hall.

Meet Monica Mahon, a graduating senior from Northfield, NJ Computer science major Monica posing in graduation attire.(Atlantic County) who majored in computer science and plans to continue her studies at Rowan with a master’s in computer science. Monica lived on campus since sophomore year, and Glassboro has been a home to her family before as her father attended Rowan University when it was Glassboro State.

Favorite moment with a faculty member: There are so many moments that stood out in my computer science classes, but one of my most memorable classroom experiences happened during my freshman year in Biology 1. My professor brought her two pet birds, a parrot and a pigeon, to class on the last day. The pigeon wore a diaper, and they flew around the classroom the whole time. It was a great last day of class. 

How you met your closest friends: I met my best friend, Michael, in one of my classes my freshman year. We didn’t know each other, but we

Computer science major Monica and her 3 friends in front of Bunce Hall.
Monica, second from left. Michael, third from left.

just picked seats next to each other anyway. We became best friends. One of my favorite memories was waiting in the rain for Hollybash last year. It was pouring, and Michael and a bunch of our friends were all huddled together under a tent waiting for the free cheesesteaks that we ordered to be finished. The absurdity of 20-ish college kids huddled together under a 10×10 tent for free food in a thunderstorm makes this stick out. 

Career Aspirations: My ultimate goal is to become a cyber forensics investigator in law enforcement. They’re the people who investigate criminals’ computers for digital evidence. My next step is an internship with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency as an Information Technology Specialist, and then completing my master’s in computer science here at Rowan next May. 

Shout Outs: I want to shout out all of the computer science professors and advisors; they’ve all helped me along my journey and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their guidance. I also want to shout out my parents for being my #1 supporters throughout college. 

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