Senior Reflects: Aspiring Music Educator Kayode Gloster

A wide shot of one of Rowans concert halls.

Meet Kayode G, a graduating senior majoring in vocal music education who lives on campus on Rowan Boulevard. Kayode commuted to Rowan during his last semester, from his home in Pine Hill, NJ (Camden County). Kayode shares his favorite memories as president of the Table Tennis Club and as a performing arts student.Kayode poses for a portrait.

Favorite Memory with a Professor:
My favorite moment with a faculty member was when Professor Art McKenzie, my high school and Rowan men’s choir director, asked me to choreograph/stage one of the men’s choir concerts. He had a brilliant vision and he believed in me to help bring it to life.

We had many creative meetings on the order of the music for the program, lighting & staging ideas, transitions, and choreography. He allowed me to have a voice in the process, and he didn’t have to. He is one of the most selfless, egoless, and talented people I have ever met. I learned so much from this experience. I felt honored to be able to work on this huge project with one of my inspirations.

Favorite Rowan Memory:
My personal favorite moment at Rowan was when I was the President of the
Table Tennis Club. My goal for the club was to get the history of the club to 100 members on Proflink. When I was elected president, there were about 40 students in the history, and by the end of my term, the club had over 100 members! That was a very ambitious goal, but I exceeded that goal. This accomplishment stands out for me because this club allowed me to meet and connect with many great students on campus.

My motto for the club was: It’s more about collaboration than it is competition!

Table tennis group portrait.

What are Your Career Aspirations:
I aspire to be a music educator and work in all areas of performing arts. I love to sing, dance/choreograph, play the piano, write music & poetry, and of course teach and inspire others to get involved in music. I have had many opportunities to teach and showcase my gifts whether it was front stage (singing solo/duets, piano recital) or behind the scenes (choreographing, staging and lighting). I thank all of the teachers who allowed me to share my love of music in a variety of ways.

Kayode and a professor pose for a photo.Shout outs! I would love to say thank you to my family and friends who have been there during this long journey. All of the love, laughter, support, and meaningful moments have truly kept me alive.

Thank you to my table tennis friends. You will never truly understand how much this group has helped me through some of the hardest times at Rowan.

Huge thank you to Mr. McKenzie for all of your love and support! Thanks to Dr. Christopher Thomas and the choir who sang at my mother’s funeral. I will never forget that moment. Lastly, a huge shout out to Professor Karen Brager!!!!!! You truly mean so much to me! You are a huge reason why I made it to graduation. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Much love to you all.

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