Senior Reflects: Law & Justice Major Tylar E. Bradley Looks Forward to Practicing Law

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Meet Tylar E. Bradley, a law and justice graduating senior from Delran, NJ (Burlington County) who transferred here from Howard University. Tylar shares her favorite memories, professors and her plan for law school. Tylar commutes to Rowan.Tylar posing for a portrait.

Favorite Memory with a Professor: I do remember having a very good conversation with Dr. Stanley Yeldell. I took his victimology course, which was a great class. We exchanged stories about our respective times in Washington D.C. where he went to college and where I transferred from. I also had great conversations with Professor James Jones. You can just tell he’s very passionate and knowledgeable about his job. I always loved hearing him speak. 

Club Involvement: I had high hopes of getting involved in more clubs/organizations this upcoming semester but COVID-19 messed up those plans. Making friends as a busy transfer student is harder, but I can say that every person that I came in contact with was very nice. 

Career Aspirations: I aspire to go to law school and practice law before ultimately becoming a judge or getting involved somehow with the FBI orCIA. I haven’t decided yet, but I plan on taking the LSAT regardless. One professor that supported me with my aspirations was Professor Hoerner. She was very informative on certain aspects about entering that field and was always very encouraging. Tylar and her two year old daughter.

Shout outs! I want to thank my family, friends and professors for helping me through this transition as a transfer student while also being a single mother to a 2-year-old boy. It’s been very difficult but with my family and friends’ help and understanding professors– I’ve managed to not only succeed but excel in all of my courses. 

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