TRANSFERmation Tuesday: Geology Major Callie Stockton

Callie sitting on a wooden bench outside.

Meet Callie Stockton, a junior Geology major with minors in Astronomy and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). She is from Tabernacle, NJ (Burlington County) and transferred from Rowan College of Burlington County (RCBC). She’s also part of the Physics & Astronomy Club and the GEO Club. Here, Callie talks about her transition to Rowan.

How has a faculty or staff member here helped connect you with the next step for your career?

“After coming here many of the Geology professors were super helpful, but Dr. Connolly has helped me figure out my career path the most. This semester I’m doing research with him that I’m really excited about!”

Callie standing outside under a tree.

Tell us about your transition into Rowan.

“I was really nervous coming to Rowan, but having friends from home here made the transition much easier.”

Could you tell us about pre-professional opportunities that you’ve become aware of that will help you to be better prepared to go into your field?

“There are many different kinds of Geology internships, as well as chances to work for professors to help them with their research and learn the field.”

Callie sitting outside on a wooden bench.

How was transferring to Rowan the right choice for you?

“It was the right choice for me because I’ve made some lifelong friendships and it’s the right learning environment for me. I also really like that I’m close enough to home to visit but far enough away to be independent.”

Could you share with us a little bit about how you socialize at Rowan?

“My friends and I like to go to Philly when we can, and we really want to try to find some cool hiking spots off campus.”

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Story and photos by: 
Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major