Five Reasons the Rowan Boulevard Apartments are Great

View of the Rowan Boulevard Apartments from the courtyard.

The Rowan Boulevard Apartments (RoBo) are upperclassmen dorms. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can live there. Here are five reasons why students love living there.

1. The rooms. Quintin Stinney says he was pleasantly surprised by the size of the rooms. He is a transfer student, and he says the rooms in RoBo are larger than those at his previous college.

Erwin Lopez, another resident, loves that he, and everyone else in RoBo, is able to have their own rooms while still having the “college experience.”

Quintin poses outside of RoBo.
Quintin Stinney

2. The community. Jasmin Jones, an RA at RoBo, says the community in RoBo, especially the staff, is great. She says that RoBo probably has the most diverse group of students living on campus. Everyone always says “Hi” and holds the door for each other.

Jasmin Jones poses outside of RoBo.
Jasmin Jones

3. Living in an apartment. Jasmin also says she likes being able to live in an apartment instead of a dorm room. Jon Colon, another RA in RoBo, speaks about this further.

“I like living at RoBo because it really does encapsulate what being an adult is. Getting up in the morning, making my own breakfast, and leaving my apartment in the morning to just go outside and live my life feels so surreal,” Jon says.

Apartment living definitely feels more like being an adult rather than living in a dorm. 

Jon Colon poses outside of RoBo.
Jon Colon

4. The windows. Leeranie Vazquez loves that the window screens open up all the way. She says that this is great, especially because she lives on the first floor.

Leeranie Vazquez poses outside of RoBo.
Leeranie Vazquez

5. The proximity to Rowan Boulevard. Erwin Lopez likes that RoBo is so close to Rowan Boulevard. Jon Colon also likes that RoBo is so close to the restaurants, stores and common areas on Rowan Boulevard.

Erwin Lopez poses outside of RoBo
Erwin Lopez

Check out the Rowan Boulevard Apartments here:

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Story and photos by:
Rachel Rumsby, sophomore communication studies and public relations double major

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