Soccer Player Scores Off the Field

Ryan Campbell, senior liberal studies major, transferred to Rowan after one comforting visit. He immediately associated Rowan as home, even though his real home is two hours away in Wyckoff, NJ (Bergen County.) For the past two years, Ryan’s contributions to the Rowan community go far beyond the soccer field.

Ryan Campbell sitting on the main steps of James Hall.

Ryan is a forward for Rowan’s soccer team and thanks to his teammates, his transfer felt easy. He explains, “They let me be a part of their family before they even knew my last name.” Each teammate cares about each individual, not just the victories on the field. Ryan continues, “We’ve all given up things to focus on soccer which brings everyone together.”

Besides soccer, Ryan dedicates himself to religious practices. He’s the founder of Rowan’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter, which invites athletes and students to connect with one another and build a relationship with God.

Ryan Campbell sitting on the bleachers behind James Hall.

Both of these organizations taught Ryan how to communicate as a leader. He learned listening to members is just as important than lecturing in order to understand the needs of everyone. On the soccer field, Ryan understands how to overcome issues, lead with actions, owning up to mistakes and asking for help when needed.

Ryan encourages all students to “Absolutely get involved! We all have specific passions in life and its useless if we don’t run after it.” Ryan’s involvement on campus allows him to constantly gain skills he can apply to his future career. He is looking to further his career in soccer or involve himself in a Church. Ryan’s provided athletes with a place to share their faith and questions they have about anything.

Ryan Campbell posing on the second floor in James Hall.

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Story and photography by:
Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major