How I Made Friends at Rowan

Today’s story is from Devon Graf, a recent Communications Studies graduate from Camden County, NJ. Devon joined the Rowan Blog team to wrap up her remaining internship hours, after her internship with Enchanted Celebrations was cut short prematurely due to COVID-19 affecting business.

Some incoming college students may wonder: How am I going to make friends? It’s one of the highest worries around. Incoming students may be used to having all of their home town friends that they went to school with for many years, and now everyone is splitting up to go away to different universities.

My incoming freshman year I joined a Rowan Students Facebook group. I think that was my best decision. After going to Rowan’s open house and being put into groups that we did activities with, I met a couple of students, and we switched telephone numbers. After that, they added me to this Facebook group that had hundreds of incoming freshman. By reaching out and posting in this page and connecting on different social media platforms, I was able to get into touch and build relationships even before the semester started.

Devon (second from left) and friends participated in a community-wide clean-up event.
Devon (second from left) and friends participated in a community-wide clean-up event.

Well, it didn’t end there! Once the semester progressed I joined a lot of clubs. Rowan offers a numerous amount of clubs where you can team bond, socialize and participate in different activities. My favorite club I joined was Volunteer Club. With doing this, I ended up being a tutor at South Woods State Prison and met a couple of friends I still have close friendships with today. 

Rowan After Hours was also a great opportunity to make friends. The wonderful thing about that would be going with the friends I had, and meeting new ones! So the group friendship expanded. RAH would hold fun nights such as BINGO night or movie night. So my college experience didn’t always have to be about going out to parties every night and trying to socialize that way. 

Although, going out was also a fun way to make friends. Rush sorority events were a great way to socialize, meet new people and personalities. I remember meeting girls from towns over, and states over. I met my roommates from doing this. 

Whether you’re worried about meeting friends, or nervous to go out and socialize, don’t be. You’re not the only one in the same boat. I was nervous myself, and so were the girls I’m best friends with today. It just takes a little courage and a positive attitude.

Be yourself! Join groups and clubs, participate in activities at Rowan, and you will have a great time meeting your friend group. 

Devon (left) with friends (and one furry friend)
Devon (left) with friends (and one furry friend)

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Story and photos by:
Devon Graf, communication studies graduate