Maximizing Summer: Interning at Campbell’s Soup Company and Taking Summer Classes at Rowan University

Landon stands in front of Bunce, decorated with the 100 year banner.

A glimpse into hands-on learning for a finance and management information systems major

Landon Nicholson, a senior double major in management information systems and finance from Mullica Hill, NJ (Gloucester County), gives some insight into his experience taking summer classes at Rowan and his summer internship at Campbell’s Soup Company.

Landon wrapped up two online summer classes: Business Policy and Intro to Scientific Programming: Python. He agrees with what other students have said about summer classes in our Summer Sessions series: that the smaller class sizes and even further increased accessibility to professors make an overall better experience for him personally. However, what is especially helpful in Landon’s case is that his classes tie in with what he does at his summer internship.

Landon sitting in Business Hall's lobby.

This summer, Landon had the opportunity to take an internship at Campbell’s Soup Company, which is based in Camden, NJ. There, he works as a data insights and reporting intern. He says the two summer classes he’s taking relate pretty closely to the work he does at Campbell’s: “Business policy is about strategy. So I am applying a little bit of strategy and then the programming class kind of helps because we do a little bit of light programming, so taking a class and being in that mindset while also being in that mindset at work, does kind of reinforce each other a little bit.” In this way, the content Landon is learning in his classes is actually helping him in his real-world work, which is always the goal of Rowan’s professors and classes. 

Landon typing on a computer in a classroom.

Landon’s personal advice for Profs who are potentially considering taking a summer class is simple: “Don’t hesitate because you’re worried about ruining your summer. It’s only going to help you in the future and it definitely won’t ruin your summer. You’re still gonna have your weekends and free time, plus the experience that you’re getting from an internship is invaluable. And especially for me, since I’m double majoring, I need to take a summer class or two.” 

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Story by: Connor Bicknell, senior communication studies major