100 Things That Make Me Happy at Rowan

A drone shot of Glassboro, NJ, centering Rowan University, with a dramatically bright sunset behind the town.

This story is a part of Rowan’s centennial series to celebrate 100 years of Rowan University. This perspective is shared by Rowan Blog contributor Jordyn Dauter, a junior from Quakertown, PA, double majoring in elementary education and dance. 

Rowan Becomes Home

  • Small class sizes, which allows for students to get to know their professors
  • Professors’ compassion toward all students
  • Having the opportunity to double major
  • A wide variety of class options to choose from
  • In-person and online course offerings
  • Winter and Summer session course offerings
  • Getting to create your own class schedule every semester after your first semester
  • Having a schedule with no 8:00 am classes
  • Not having Friday classes
  • Getting to meet people from different parts of New Jersey, different states, and different countries
  • Always spotting a familiar face
  • Seeing your friends every day
  • Walking to class with your friends
  • Having the opportunity to live with your friends
  • Having the ability to walk everywhere on campus
  • Driving and walking distance from a grocery store
  • Gaining independence as a young adult
  • Experiencing every season on campus
  • Endless school spirit
  • There is always something to do around campus
  • Sense of community on campus
  • Feeling like you belong 
  • Respecting other people’s race, religion, gender identity, etc
  • Celebrates months that represent minority groups
  • Making lifelong memories
  • You are NEVER alone
A young tree outside of Wilson Hall.

Hot Spots on Campus

On-Campus Opportunities 

  • The opportunity to create your own club on campus 
  • Hundreds of already established Clubs/Organizations all over campus
  • Unified Sports Club
  • Take part in recreational and club level sport activities
  • The chance to pursue athletics through Rowan Athletics
  • Rec Center weekly group workout classes
  • Access to indoor track, racquetball rooms, and courts for sports practices
  • Access to performance spaces like Tohill Theater and Bunce Room 131
  • Performance opportunities for students
  • Chance to sign out practice rooms for music majors
  • Various on-campus work opportunities for students seeking employment
An auditorium for music education with students sitting.

Accessibility For Students

A dramatic orange-pink sunset over Holly Pointe Commons.

Good Eats

  • Rye’s Bagels on Rowan Boulevard
  • Freshens Smoothies in the Student Center
  • The breakfast menu at Breakfast & Co in the Student Center
  • Lunch date with friends at Saxby’s in the Business Hall
  • Weekend morning breakfasts at Glassworks Eatery
  • Special late nights at Glassworks Eatery
  • Various Coffee Options (Starbucks, Saxby’s, Peets, etc)
  • Rowan Boulevard Restaurants
  • Being able to use Dining Dollars and Rowan Bucks at the restaurants on Rowan Boulevard 
  • Convenience store access
  • The ability to mobile order food through the GrubHub app
A dramatic pink-blue-orange-purple sunset over the athletic field.

All The Fun

  • Accepted Students Day
  • Welcome Week
  • Merchandise at the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore
  • Friday Night Lights at Richard Wacker Stadium
  • Parent’s & Family Weekend
  • Homecoming Week
  • Homecoming Kick Off
  • CANstruction- Homecoming Week
  • Push Cart Competition- Homecoming Week
  • Battleship- Homecoming Week
  • Lip Sync Battle- Homecoming Week
  • Harvest Festival- Homecoming Week
  • Homecoming Tailgate before the Homecoming Football Game
  • Boro In The Lights
  • Holly Bash
  • Rowan After Hours (RAH) events
  • $1,000 and $10,000 BINGO nights
  • Open Mic Nights
  • Movie Nights
  • Trivia Nights at Prof’s Place
  • Rowan Bus Trips
  • Greek Life
  • Honors Societies

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Story by: Jordyn Dauter, junior dance & elementary education major