#PROFspective: Junior Reflects on Leaving Campus, Hopes to be “Back in Glassboro Soon”

Today, we feature Alexander Weisberger, a junior Biochemistry major from Fair Lawn, NJ (Bergen County). We were able to speak to Alexander just before he was getting ready to leave campus because of social distancing to protect society from the spread of COVID-19. Next year he will live off campus, after living on campus in the Townhouses this year. 

How do you feel about leaving Rowan in the middle of the year?
I am definitely disappointed that we all had to leave Rowan in the middle of the year. I had a lot of personal and academic plans that ended up being cancelled due to the pandemic. What gives me some comfort though is knowing that we’re all in the same boat and that we’ll hopefully be back in Glassboro soon.”

Alexander walks down Route 322 with a box

What’s inside that box?
“The box I was carrying had supplies for the Pre-Health Society’s station at the Haunted Student Center event. Every year, the Pre-Health Society participates in a big Halloween event in the student center called “The Haunted Student Center,” where all of the clubs either decorate a stand or a room and hand out candy to some of the children in Glassboro in a safe and fun environment. It’s a fun event for the kids, and our club is happy to participate in it.”

What clubs are you a part of?
“This year I was part of the Rowan Pre-Health Society, Ambassadors, RUSSS (Rowan Student Scholar Symposium) and the Honors Problem Based Learning group.”
Alexander carrying a box outside
What fun things are you missing on campus right now?
“I’d say the biggest thing I am missing on campus is the Pre-Health Society Cooper Rowan Clinic Gala. The Gala is a charity event that we host yearly to benefit the Cooper Rowan Clinic that’s run by medical students at CMSRU. It’s a free clinic that gives medical treatment to the underserved population in Camden, and we host the event to raise money to assist them in buying supplies. Our second annual Gala was supposed to take place in early April, but we had to cancel it. My fellow executive board members and I had been working on setting the event up since mid-last year, so it was unfortunate that it ended this way.”

Any advice or words of encouragement to those missing school right now?
“I’d say that it’s important to recognize that we’re all in the same boat right now and the best thing to do is work on improving yourself with all of the free time we have. We’re not going to be stuck in quarantine forever, so it would be really cool to come out of quarantine in good physical health, with a few new hobbies, or even some new knowledge.”

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, junior music industry major